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A new series from Luxury Society that takes an in-depth look at the big issues and topics affecting the luxury market, and how the industry has responded to them. Through a series of interviews, exclusive data, and market analysis, we hope to provide a comprehensive view of each topic explored, adding to the wider discussions with our own expertise and that of others in the industry.


We wanted to take the opportunity to thank all those who participated in this first edition of The Deep Dive, from our interviewees: Rachid Ait Addi, Simone Gibertoni, Pablo Mauron, Beat Imwinkelried, Alexander Manz and Mario Ortelli, to our team here at Luxury Society, whose insights, skills and expertise have helped bring this project to life.
Without their contribution, we would not have been able to accomplish so much. To our team members at DLG: Alain, David, Pablo, Louise-Anne, Joanna, Anthony, Loris, Romain, Margaux, and Juliette thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, time and enthusiasm.
We also want to take the time to thank you, our loyal readers, for your thoughts, insights and participation in The Deep Dive. It has been a pleasure to explore this topic over the past few months and share our findings with you. We look forward to delving into another topic with you soon.

The Luxury Society Team.